Listen/Sheet Music--Sacred Music

Vocal Music--songs of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and His Atonement, His comfort and power,and His Restored Gospel

Songs about the Savior and His restored Gospel--Most of these are recorded and sung by me. I am not primarily a vocalist, nor a great audio engineer with a great setup, so judge mercifully. Sheet Music may be available here, or may become available someday.
  • 05:06 Download Story Lyrics I Will Be Your Light

    The night is dark; I am far from home,

    Frightened and uncertain, weary and alone.

    I am lost; I don't know the way; My soul cries to my God.

    Then my soul is calmed with these gentle words of love.

     Chorus: I will be your light in the darkness;
    I will keep you safe through the storm.  
    I will give you hope as I prepare the way,
    Strength to battle day by day,
    And if you have faith and obey,
    I will lead you home. 

    I lift my head, His answer brings me peace.

    With my hand in His, my trust in Him I place,

    So I take a step once more on a path I cannot see;

    The Spirit's light will guide, the light's that within me.


    So when the storm comes I will not fear,

    For in the darkness He always is near,

    So I will turn to Him, no matter what, and follow Him,

    And willingly I'll serve Him because He knows the way.


    I will lead you home.  I will lead you home.

  • 03:35 Download Story Lyrics Have Thine Own Way, Lord

    1 Have thine own way, Lord! Have thine own way!
    Thou art the potter, I am the clay.
    Mold me and make me after thy will,
    while I am waiting, yielded and still.

    2 Have thine own way, Lord! Have thine own way!
    Search me and try me, Savior today!
    Wash me just now, Lord, wash me just now,
    as in thy presence humbly I bow.

    3 Have thine own way, Lord! Have thine own way!
    Wounded and weary, help me I pray!
    Power, all power, surely is thine!
    Touch me and heal me, Savior divine!

    4 Have thine own way, Lord! Have thine own way!
    Hold o'er my being absolute sway.
    Fill with thy Spirit till all shall see
    Christ, only Christ, always, living in me!

  • 05:28 Download Story Lyrics Everything's Already All Right

    My heart grows heavy with the trials that throng my way,

    Tasks too great, a struggling child, debts that I can’t pay.

    I wonder if I’ve done it right, what He’s required of me,

    With mistakes & sins that fill my path, the future seems so bleak. 

    Then I hear, then I feel--


    In him, everything’s already all right,

    cause He’ll strengthen my best efforts in His might.

    As I trust His pow’r, He’ll do what I can’t, so I’ll follow His light,

    Believing that with faith in Him, everything’s already all right. 


    He said to us, “Be perfect, even as I am,”

    Though we have our weakness, & fight the natural man.

    It’s our goal, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t make our mistakes,

    Falling short, falling down, depressed by what it takes.

    But I hear, and I feel,


    In Him, everything’s already all right.

    He’ll make strong my best efforts in His might.

    That’s His plan, to make us whole, as we follow His light,

    Believing that with faith in Him, everything’s already all right. 


    So, Lord, I will rise again with grace each time I fall,

    I know that Thou knows the path, descending below all.

    I’ll keep learning and repenting, then conquering in His pow’r,

    Seeing that I’m changing, growing closer every hour….


    To the woman that he sees in me, One who can do all….

    Through faith in Him, e’en as I am, I will heed His call.

    I will not be daunted by weakness nor by fear,

    Because my heart is broken, I know He’s always near…

    With His grace, With his pow’r, Making….


    Everything already all right,

    Making whole my broken spirit with His might.

    Though the world says perfect’s out of reach, it’s just too hard to be,

    He can perfect make us all, as perfect as can be.


    Cause in Him, everything’s already all right,

    By His love, He makes us perfect in His sight.

    So I’ll join with Him, live & love like Him, believe with all my might,

    Giving all my thanks to Him,

    Cause He’s made everything already all right.


    Only in Him, everything’s already all right. 


  • 08:36 Story Lyrics In His Hands

    I’ll always remember where I was the moment I found out they were gone,

    The pain, the loss, life would never be the same,

    They chose to leave—how could we go on?

    But the sun came up as always the very next day,

    Because He is the Light of the World.

    There’s lots I don’t see now, but one thing I know,

    Even as my soul aches & yearns.


    Someday I’ll understand

    How it all fits in His wondrous plan.

    But, Lord, since someday isn’t here, please, heal my aching soul,

    And till someday, please help me live

    So, till that someday, the Spirit can give

    All the strength to believe

    That for now all I need is to know

    They are in Thy hands.


    For so many years I dreaded the last blow, I fought so hard to keep it from our lives,

    But when it finally happened, I let go, Realizing I couldn’t stop the knife.

    But through the years the thought of what once was and is no more,

    The pain of what should last beyond the end

    Makes its way into my heart, until I recall,

    That even broken branches He can mend.


    Cause someday, we’ll understand

    How it all fits in His wondrous plan,

    But, Lord, since someday isn’t here,

    Please soothe my wounded soul,

    And, till someday, please help me live,

    So, till that someday, the Spirit can give,

    All the strength to believe that for now, all I need

    Is to know……We are in His hands.


    So, Lord, when the bad times take their toll,

    Help me remember that Thou art always in control,

    I will trust in the justice and the mercy of Thy Son,

    Who will work it out, for our best,

    Giving peace and hope to strengthen us,

    Until the victory’s won. 


    So much has come, and then has had to go,

    Roles & friendships, trials & seasons of our life,

    I’m so grateful for the constants that surround me each day,

    They bring peace & stability through the strife;

    But still I often wonder why things have to be,

    Do His hands shape the bad and fleeting all the same. 

    Yes they do, so I’ll keep believing in His grand design

    That I’ll see beautifully finished on that day.


    Cause someday, we’ll understand

    How it all fits in His wondrous plan,

    But, Lord, since someday isn’t here,

    Please calm my wond’ring soul,

    And, till someday, please help me live,

    So, till that someday, the Spirit can give,

    All the strength to believe that for now, all I need

    Is to know……We are in His hands.


    On that someday when we feel His hands again,

    We will know….

    We were always in His hands.  Life is in His hands. 

    I am in His hands.  We are in His hands.

    We are in His hands.

  • 05:52 Story Lyrics I Trust in Him

    I trust in Him through the night that seems so dark and long,                                                                              When I can't see the path I walk, but can only hold the rod.
    I trust Him with a feeling sure, though the world says, you’re deceived.
    It’s a witness borne of Spirit pure, His joy, His love, His peace.

    I trust in Him even when I've trusted Him before,
    And only found my path was leading to another door.
    I trust in Him to lead me on, even when I cannot see,
    I'll give my life, I'll give my love,
    I trust in Him.

    I trust in Him even when the bank account shows nil,
    And there's mouths to feed, & bills to pay, & missions to fulfill.
    I trust in Him when He says, "give & you'll receive
    Blessings great, to overflowing, to meet your every need."

    I trust in Him even when the doctor’s said, "It’s gone,

    But we later learn that it’s come back, vicious, big, & strong.”
    I trust in Him to lead me on, even when I cannot see,
    I'll give my life, I'll give my love,
    I trust in Him.

    Oh, Lord, here’s my hand;

    Take it; Lead me to the promised land.

    Give me hope, give me strength to accept Thy time & will

    To follow and endure, so He can promises fulfill.


    I trust in Him because I trust He knows the narrow way,
    I trust in Him, for by His light, He'll lead me home by faith.
    I trust Him, so I give my will, and come with humble heart,
    To trust in His eternal grace and choose the better part.

    I trust Him when the answer's no, even though it seems so right,
    When I've worked & watched & fought & prayed, & endured the friendless night.
    I trust in Him to lead me on, even when I cannot see,
    I give my life, I give my all,
    I trust in Him.

    I trust in Him even when it’s all that I can do,                                                                                                      To keep trusting that by faith and hope, He will see us through.

    I trust in Him to lead me on, even when I cannot see,
    I give my life, I give my all,
    I trust in Him.  I trust in Him.

  • 04:05 Download Story Lyrics Not Just a Face, Not Just a Name

    Her face, looking forward, from ages past,

    Watching her branches through distant halls of time.

    Beyond the veil, yet family ties bring us closer than we know,

    Her eternal worth, the Spirit reminds. 


    She’s not just a face, not just a name,

    But eternally  bound  in our family chain.

    With hearts turned in love, we labor to save,

    So promises made…. will bring us home.


    Like her, all my family who’ve come before

    Bless me and our generations to come,

    Our righteous lives return their gift, and bring honor their name,

    Extending their legacy on.



    Through His Son, we can each overcome,

    Then with Him, for Him, reach for the one.

    Turning hearts to find, in our temples we will bind,

    Till each Father’s child can unlock the gate to home.


    We may all come back to Him, having fought and won,

    Sealed as one fam’ly, United with the Son,

    So we’ll do His work, forging links of glory and love,

    That eternally grow in our home up above.


    Lord, bring us home.

  • Story Lyrics The Mercy of Our God/Amazing Grace

    I’ve made my mistakes, Took a wrong turn or two,

    But in the end He brought me back, And taught me what was true.

    The choices I’ve made, He’s turned to my good,

    With humble heart, I come to Him, His gift now understood.



    So I sing of His mercy, His sacrifice made full,

    I sing of His plan, sing of His light, sing of His all.

    He gave me His forgiveness, and made me whole by love.

    In Jesus Christ, I’ve found The Way, the Savior’s grace,

    The mercy of our God. 


    The path that I walk, made harder by my will,

    Somehow He’s helped me learn my lessons, then promises fulfilled.

    So I take up my cross, to follow Him each day.

    That’s what He asks, to come to Him, to choose the better way.



    So I sing of His mercy, My weaknesses made strong,

    I sing of His plan, sing of His light, sing of His all.

    He gave me His forgiveness, and made me whole by love.

    In Jesus Christ, I’ve found The Way, the Savior’s grace,

    The mercy of our God. 


    His  miracle made real in me, Was purchased by His blood.

    His life that gives new life to me, He offers in pure love.


    Chorus, with Amazing Grace 3rdt & 2nd verse:

    Through many dangers, toils and snares...
    we have already come.
    T'was Grace that brought us safe thus far...
    and Grace will lead us home,

    T'was Grace that taught my heart to fear.
    And Grace, my fears relieved.
    How precious did that Grace appear...
    the hour I first believed.

    Chorus:  Amazing grace, chorus echo

    Amazing grace, (So I sing of His mercy,)

    How sweet the sound, (His sacrifice made full,)

    That saved a wretch like me, (I sing of His plan, sing of His light—solo just “sing of His all.”)

    I once was lost, but He gave me His forgiveness, but now I’m found, and made me whole by love. (I once was lost—He gave me His forgiveness, and made me whole by love, and now I’m found, if a solo)
    Now I see, In Christ, The Only Way, the Savior’s grace, The mercy of our God.  (Was blind, but now, I see.)


    Lord Jesus Christ, He is the Way. 

    Amazing grace, The mercy of our God.


  • Story Lyrics Lord, Take the Burden

    Some burdens He takes, some He lets remain,

    Some He will lighten so we cannot feel the pain,

    With some He makes us stronger so we can’t feel them on our backs,

    But no matter how He relieves them, this is what I ask.


    Lord, carry the burden, please bear the load.

    I’m humbly weak (or very tired, I don’t have answers, etc.), I can’t do it all alone.

    No matter how He relives them, His will is for my best,

    So Lord, carry the burden, and in Thee I’ll find rest 


    Sometimes He sends others to help lift the load we bear,

    Sometimes it is a miracle that delivers us from our care,

    Sometimes it’s tender mercies, just enough to get us through,

    Till He will lift it from our backs, when our faith He’s proved.



    Cause I know that He carried every burden we may feel,

    Weighed down with the load we bear, He descended below all.

    He knows all we are, all we feel, so that He can mercy give

    What we need to endure the task, unitedly yoked with Him…


    But sometimes even with Him there, the journey seems so long,

    The pain grows sore, the load intense; I’m barely hanging on.

    When I want to give in, Please, Father, mercy send.

    I know Thy Son’s endured it all, He’ll help me to the end, as we


    Carry the burden, and bear the load,

    He’ll give the strength I need, cause I just don’t have no more,

    I give Him the burden, as together we share the burden,


    As He carries the burden and bears the load,

    Sometimes He even carries me, cause I can’t do it no more,

    With him by my side, I can bear all things, His will is for my best.

    He carries the burden, He shares the burden, Relieves the burden, and takes the burden,

    Through it all, He bears the burden, He feels the burden, He loves the burden, and in Him I find rest. 

    Lord, carry the burden, in Thee I find rest. 




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