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I Will Be Your Light

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Christine Monson, Vocalist & Pianist
Christine Monson


This is a song based on one of my favorite scriptures, from 1 Nephi 17:13-14 in the Book of Mormon, where the Lord tells Nephi:  And I will be your light in the darkness; and I will prepare the way before you; and if you so keep my commandments, I shall deliver you."  I wrote this song over many years, finishing it in 2007.  This is a first-time recording release, made by me at home (I'm not a professional audio recording arranger & engineer, nor singer--forgive any technical issues there--I'm learning as I go).   He will be our light in the darkness, as we look to Him and obey.  He will lead us as He prepares the way, ultimately leading us safely to our heavenly home.  What follows is the story of its creation:

One of my favorite prophets is Nephi—I just feel he is very real in what he writes about his experiences, and I can identify with a lot of the things he talks about.  About 15 years ago, a passage from 1 Nephi 17 hit me in a way that no passage ever had before.  It say, “And I will be your light in the darkness; and I will prepare the way before you, if you so keep my commandments.  And if ye so keep my commandments, you shall be led towards the promised land.”  I remember thinking, “I can imagine why this was a hard experience, getting up day after day, learning progressively to trust that somehow you were getting somewhere led by His hand, though you had been in the wilderness a long time,” and I could see perfectly how their experience applied to my own then (at the time, it was the wilderness of being single).  Passages of scripture like that, I’ve learned, will eventually become songs—there’s just a song waiting somewhere—and about 9 years later (I finally finished it for a girls’ camp I was directed for—never did it with the Young Women, but it really kind of provided some strength for some family things that happened soon after), I finally finished that song (that was another one that took years to get where I felt it needed to be).  He will lead us to our promised land, to our home, as we are faithful & obedient, & trust in that light, to lead us on. 

The chorus is:
I will be your light in the darkness;
I will keep you safe through the storm.  
I will give you hope as I prepare the way,
Strength to battle day by day,
And if you have faith and obey,
I will lead you home.  

May we look to, believe, and follow Him, as He leads us all home, is my prayer.    


The night is dark; I am far from home,

Frightened and uncertain, weary and alone.

I am lost; I don't know the way; My soul cries to my God.

Then my soul is calmed with these gentle words of love.

 Chorus: I will be your light in the darkness;
I will keep you safe through the storm.  
I will give you hope as I prepare the way,
Strength to battle day by day,
And if you have faith and obey,
I will lead you home. 

I lift my head, His answer brings me peace.

With my hand in His, my trust in Him I place,

So I take a step once more on a path I cannot see;

The Spirit's light will guide, the light's that within me.


So when the storm comes I will not fear,

For in the darkness He always is near,

So I will turn to Him, no matter what, and follow Him,

And willingly I'll serve Him because He knows the way.


I will lead you home.  I will lead you home.

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