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In His Hands

Christine Monson, Vocalist and Pianist
Christine Monson


For years I’ve wanted to write a song like this.  Actually I thought I’d have to write two or three songs to encompass my feelings about some of my life’s experiences.  But a couple of years ago, somehow things were dislodged in my heart where I could distill what I wanted to say about it all into one song.  The first verse talks about my feelings at the deaths of my two brothers, who both took their own lives.  I’m sure many can relate to the feelings of this verse with the death of a loved one or a life-alterating event.  I also apply it to events in my last 10 years of marriage in changes that have occurred in the situations that we began with, being a full-time mom to my two stepsons.  The second verse talks specifically about my parents’ divorce when I was 18, and I’m sure you can apply it to many different situations in your lives—I have.  The third talks about things that sometimes I just don’t understand, and changes that occur that sometimes leave me feeling without something to hold onto that’s permanent. 

We know that Christ is the source of all healing and help.  As we turn to Him, He will heal us

Events and experiences such as these, though, can leave us wounded, aching, and longing for certainty.  Even though we may have faith in Christ’s power to heal and make it all right, we may have to plead and trust, for years even, to be healed and to see things as He see them.  Though we have these trials come into our lives that leave us with wounds and questions, the over-riding question is, will we deal with it Christ’s way or another way.  Christ’s way may not immediately remove the doubts or ache or troubled hearts.  But His way will provide peace and stability as we struggle to get over the remaining effects, and eventually as we come to Him with broken hearts and contrite spirits, He will provide the healing—the wholeness—we have been seeking.  That process may take months—it may take years, and it may take a lifetime.  But it will come. 

All through that process we can keep in our hearts the knowledge that there will be that someday, when we see with perfect clarity how it all fit into His plan.  But until then, it is for us to keep faith in Him, so that His Spirit will help us live so we can faith in Him and be with Him on that someday, even when we cannot see now, even when we don’t know now and can only have faith.  That faith provides us the sure anchor to keep us steadfast when the world around us is in commotion, when we wonder what we can hold on to.  We don’t want to leave Him when we need Him most, even if the help doesn’t come in ways that take the hurt and the doubt away right now.  If we stay with Him, living to qualify for the Spirit that can strengthen our faith and trust in Him, we will experience joy now, even as sometimes life and pain is still real and hard, knowing there will be that someday. 




I’ll always remember where I was the moment I found out they were gone,

The pain, the loss, life would never be the same,

They chose to leave—how could we go on?

But the sun came up as always the very next day,

Because He is the Light of the World.

There’s lots I don’t see now, but one thing I know,

Even as my soul aches & yearns.


Someday I’ll understand

How it all fits in His wondrous plan.

But, Lord, since someday isn’t here, please, heal my aching soul,

And till someday, please help me live

So, till that someday, the Spirit can give

All the strength to believe

That for now all I need is to know

They are in Thy hands.


For so many years I dreaded the last blow, I fought so hard to keep it from our lives,

But when it finally happened, I let go, Realizing I couldn’t stop the knife.

But through the years the thought of what once was and is no more,

The pain of what should last beyond the end

Makes its way into my heart, until I recall,

That even broken branches He can mend.


Cause someday, we’ll understand

How it all fits in His wondrous plan,

But, Lord, since someday isn’t here,

Please soothe my wounded soul,

And, till someday, please help me live,

So, till that someday, the Spirit can give,

All the strength to believe that for now, all I need

Is to know……We are in His hands.


So, Lord, when the bad times take their toll,

Help me remember that Thou art always in control,

I will trust in the justice and the mercy of Thy Son,

Who will work it out, for our best,

Giving peace and hope to strengthen us,

Until the victory’s won. 


So much has come, and then has had to go,

Roles & friendships, trials & seasons of our life,

I’m so grateful for the constants that surround me each day,

They bring peace & stability through the strife;

But still I often wonder why things have to be,

Do His hands shape the bad and fleeting all the same. 

Yes they do, so I’ll keep believing in His grand design

That I’ll see beautifully finished on that day.


Cause someday, we’ll understand

How it all fits in His wondrous plan,

But, Lord, since someday isn’t here,

Please calm my wond’ring soul,

And, till someday, please help me live,

So, till that someday, the Spirit can give,

All the strength to believe that for now, all I need

Is to know……We are in His hands.


On that someday when we feel His hands again,

We will know….

We were always in His hands.  Life is in His hands. 

I am in His hands.  We are in His hands.

We are in His hands.

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