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Welcome to Music Lessons With Christine Monson

Individualized, Flexible, and Affordable

Piano, and Voice, Jazz Improv, Theory and Composition

All ages, beginning to advanced (Remember that adults love to start or continue music instruction also!)

Offering Skype lessons or in-person lessons in Bountiful, Utah

What is individualized study? And why study with Christine?  

My philosophy:  Music is a very personal endeavor, something we engage in based on personal interests, circumstances, personalities, and abilities.  I believe music instruction should be the same, where the individual is paramount, as the teacher uses solid understanding in technique, literature, and theory  to tailor instruction that will help the individual to develop and express herself or himself musically as fully as desired, and even beyond. 

I do such, building on my experience and knowledge that includes a bachelor’s degree in piano and graduate work in Musicology, extensive experience in teaching piano and voice,  years of professional work as an accompanist, membership in the Utah Music Teachers Association (UMTA), and abilities in composing and arranging that I have used to write and record countless works that are continually being released  on my website at, as well as other sites and stations.  

A variety of enrichment opportunities for instruction are available, such as monthly group classes, semi-annual recitals, the AIM programed sponsored by the UMTA, various local competitions, and summer camps.  Developing a well-rounded musician, depending on individual abilities and needs, who can continue to enrich their own lives and maybe even others after their music lessons have ended, should be a product of quality instruction and is one of my greatest goals.

I believe that music making and therefore instruction should be enjoyable and even fun. Over-arching everything, though,  is the ultimate end of music—to express oneself and communicate with others through music in a way that is fulfilling and authentic. No matter what other incredible benefits are gained along the way from quality music instruction, that is my greatest hope for my students as they grow in music.    

My teaching and payment options: Because you and your family are so individual, we offer Flexible Scheduling and Rates tailored to fit your individual needs, desires, and circumstances. options include:

Standard Monthly Lessons—You want to commit to music lessons for the next few months with a traditional payment schedule!  Go for it!  Ask about options for combined or alternating piano, voice, composition instruction.  Bi-weekly lessons at half the cost of monthly lessons are available also.

Piano, beginning to early intermediate $40-60/month ($10-$15/month, 30- to 40-minute weekly lesson)

Piano, Late Intermediate to Advanced  $72 (45-minute weekly lesson)

Voice $40 (40-minute weekly lesson)

Jazz Improv, Theory and Composition $12.50/lesson 45-minute weekly lesson)

Call for more information and to work out an individualized, reasonably-priced lesson plan! 

Partner lessons, family share, or alternating lessons—Providing flexibility in scheduling, instruction, and costs, when you have many children to provide so many different kinds of lessons for and multiple activities competing for your family’s time.  Teach lots of your kids for up to half the cost!  Partners (siblings, friends) share a lesson at 2/3 the cost of regular lessons.  Family share—lesson time is extended (at a slightly increased cost) and divided among siblings. Alternating week lessons—Family members take turns coming to lessons each week. Call for pricing details!  Punch cards are also available.

One-Time/Short-Term lessons—Perhaps you could use some flexibility in what and how often you’d like to study. Maybe there’s a solo and ensemble competition your junior high student wants to get something ready for but they don’t need ongoing music instruction right now. Or maybe you’re a busy teenager or even an adult who wants to continue some instruction, maybe even in two areas like piano and voice, but you can’t commit to ongoing lessons on a weekly basis. One-time/Short-term lessons are $18.  Buy a punch card for a few lessons and you’ll save more! 

A Music A La Carte Punch Pass—a new concept in music instruction. Gift the gift of music lessons to friends or family members, with a punch card that can be redeemed by anyone.  They’re good for any area of study, anytime, with no expiration date.  Always wanted your grandchildren to have music lessons?  This is your opportunity.  What an awesome gift, one that will be cherished and remembered far longer than things!

Examples of some of the savings: $60 for 4 punches (works out to $15/lesson)

$80 for 6 punches (works out to $14.33/lesson)

$100 for 8 punches ($12.50/lesson)

$120 for 10 punches ($12/lesson)

$150 for 14 punches (about $10.10/lesson)

$200 for 20 punches ($10/lesson)

(Add $1 more for each punch for late intermediate or advanced piano for longer lessons)

Higher amounts are available, at an even greater discount

So many options, for all of the music that you want to learn, play, and share!

Spaces are limited and fill fast. Call or text Christine today at 801-604-5989 (or email at to find out how we can help you fulfill your family’s music instruction goals.  

And check the scheduling and location discounts!  Christine is located in Bountiful, Utah, behind Boulton Elementary, but she also offers Skype lessons.  She will also teach in your home in the South Davis area!

 Click here to learn more about me and my musical background!

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New: Glenn Rawson Stories & Sheet Music PDFs

Please check out my new sections, Glenn Rawson Stories and Sheet Music PDFs under Sacred Music. 

Sheet music is finally becoming available!

I LOVE sharing this music with you! 

PLEASE READ to see what you can do for me! 

My goal is to give you something that you can use, not something that will clutter up your files because it doesn't suit the abilities or circumstances of your performer(s).  If what you get doesn't work for your circumstances, please contact me and we will work together to modify the key, the difficulty of the piano part, or the treble/bass configuration so it is something you can use.  

Currently I have decided that I will offer my music, both sheet music PDFs and mp3 downloads, for free.  There are many others who do sell their music, but for me, the time, energy, and emotional mindspace involved in selling it does not make it worth what little I might make at that route.  Please use this music to the fullest.  That's the greatest thing I want.  And a few miracles to help my family that come when we put our trust in Him and let go of our agendas. 

I know there are many out there who don't like to take anything for free.  If you'd like, you can donate through the GoFundMe link here or on my homepage. 

I would love a continuing relationship with those use this music, in a way that we can both benefit from. I may update this song as it continues to be performed and used--and as hard as I have tried to edit it, there may be a mistake that slips through--let me know if you find something.  Also, if you have any great suggestions, let me know.  Please give me your email through my website and I will send you updates, as well as new music as it becomes available. ‚Äč

You can also like my pages on Facebook, and, or subscribe to the YTouTube Channels with the same names.  Please share links to this music from these two websites, these Facebook pages, and from Youtube on your social media pages so we can share this music, and the spirit and truths in it, with as many as possible.

These downloads give permission to you to make copies for you and any group you are a part of.  However, as a courtesy, and to assist me, if others you know want to perform this at another time and place, with another group, please have them download this themselves.  I also don't own the inspiration you might receive.  You can modify it as you need.  However, I would love to know when and how you use it!  Send those stories to me.  It keeps me going! 

These small things you can do will greatly assist me in this ongoing project of writing and recording this music and making it available for you and everyone else.   

You can listen to and download these songs and sheet music either here at this website, or at  In the future, much of this music will also be streamed and shared on Youtube with video. 

Thank you!  



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