Savior, Redeemer, Shepherd, King

Amy K. Alvord, vocalist, Christine K. Monson, composer/arranger/pianist

Recordings by Amy K. Alvord, vocalist, of three hymn arrangements by Christine Monson. These recordings were made in 2013 and we have yet to get back in and re-record them (somewhat rough draft recordings--forgive the blips in sound--wav files where mp3s go.

This will be a future CD. Forgive the blips on the recordings--we put wav files where mp3s only belong, and the thought to change them has yet to meet with the time to do so. Someday soon hopefully :)

These songs and hymns are composed and arranged to fully clothe the testimonies of Jesus Christ shared here in the unsurpassable symbols of music, to portray as closely as possible the messages and spirit of this music. These are preliminary, not final, tracks that I have done on my own (with the exception of those sung by Amy Alvord, which were done with Mark Stevenson and MAS Productions in Clearfield, Utah). Most here are done by me, who doesn't have the most recordable voice in the world (but I do learn more about using the voice I have to its fullest as I go). These songs are the heart of the Gospel, the heart of my testimony, and the heart of what Jesus Christ and His life are to me, a testimony I desire to share as powerful as I can through music, and through how I live and believe.

I hope that spirit and message comes through, even through the stages we have to go through to get this music where it can be truly powerful, as powerful as it can be. We would love to make these songs as powerful as possible someday, in an album fully orchestrated, with singers to match the messages and music. You can help by your donations through our GoFundMe link here on this website, and purchasing copies of our initial CD, "My Savior, My Lord, My King," which include piano solo adaptations of many of these songs.

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