My goal is to create music that as closely as possible portrays, reflects, and reveals the message of each song, thus creating music that hits both the musical and spiritual heart, coming straight from my heart to touch the hearts of those who listen.  Many of my arrangements of hymns have grown from improvisations done as a soloist or with vocalists and instrumentalists, and I try to make something not just beautiful, but something that can teach through the unmatched symbol of music, something that can truly portray what the message and spirit of the lyrics are.  My sacred songs come from experiences that I have had, as I have reflected upon my learning and how my testimony has shaped what I have taken away from those experiences, how it has been the foundation of my growth--the only way we can truly grow from trials we face, whether they be fear, doubt, death, suicide, sickness, financial challenges, difficulties with children (including stepparenting), unfulfilled expectations, and depression.   

I have many pieces that I hope to share in the coming years--everything from music on finished CDs to recordings I make myself here at home, with my own expertise and equipment (which is growing all of the time, as time and means allow).  Look for more sheet music, as my kids progress in school, so you can enjoy making and sharing this music as well.  Please subscribe to my email list for updates, and check back often. 

You can hear the sheer expression and spirit of my heart's beliefs and feelings through the original use of key structure, chords, texture, voicing, and rhythmic stretching.  Of course, my heart truly belongs to my children, my two younger daughters and the older stepchildren, those I have raised, and those I have had in raising, and most especially to my patient and enduring husband.  Though I remain busy with them,  I am so grateful to share the songs of my heart, along with the feelings of my heart, with many of you, especially with those who find that they are strengthened, inspired, and taught by a power far beyond my own.

This table will be updated in the near-future.  It's very incomplete--I have about 60 unique works I have finished (final format in my mind and heart)--and finishing them weighs heavily on my mind, though there are not enough hours in the day  (said at 3 AM on a Sunday morning) nor money to fund it all, to make a big dent in getting more of those 60 here.  The links may not work--disclaimer--but as the table comes in handy for me, I will keep it for now.  For a more complete list of recordings, go to the Listen! page. For a better listing of what is currently available in Sheet Music, go to Sheet Music Plus here or here 


Title Solo (Bass or Treble) Small Ensemble (SSA, TTBB) Duet (SA, TB, SB) Choir/Large Ensemble) (SATB,  SSATTB) Piano (Early Adv, Late Interm) Piano (Intermediate)
 Not Just a Face, Not Just a Name

 Solo (in treble, with optional last chorus descant)

Not Just a Face, Not Just a Name (song/mp3)


 I Know That My Redeemer Lives  


I Know That My Redeemer Lives (SSA)


I Know That My Redeemer Lives (SA)




I Know That My Redeemer Lives (Piano)

 I Stand All Amazed

 Sheet music coming, but vocal can be adapt from piano solo

Listen to vocal solo here


 Two different keys (easier, more difficult) available at this link

I Stand All Amazed (piano)

 Have Thine Own Way, Lord  Treble