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Hello!  Thank you so much for coming! 

Who am I?

I am a DISCIPLE of JESUS CHRIST who loves putting into music and words my feelings and experiences about and with the Savior and His restored truth and Gospel!


   with a particular love of communicating heart to heart

   through playing, improvising,  composing, and arranging works

   that reflect poignantly and profoundly,

   through the unmatched symbolism of music,

   the feeling, essence, and story of a musical idea or lyric.

Quick Links:

Click here for the YouTube channel, Christine Monson Music.

Click here for sheet music arranged and composed by Christine.

Click here for Christine's sheet music at 

Click here for Class ACT Music's website.       

Click  here for Class ACT Music's YouTube channel.

Click here for Class ACT Music's Davis Arts Council 2020 Concert Video.

Click here for the YouTube channel, We Sing of Christ.


   with a passion for instilling in others the love of music,     

   using the knowledge, skills, and experience I have gained

   to help students build a solid foundation of well-rounded musicianship,

   with the ultimate goal being musical expression and communication. 

Check my TEACHING PAGE out to learn more about my love of teaching music & my philosophy which drives that love! Click HERE for information about online composition/arranging instruction. 

Creating, playing, teaching, and sharing all kinds of music, whether it's music that is evocative, soothing, uplifting, and easygoing, or lively, spirited, fun, and challenging, is my joy.  However, embodying the truths of life and eternity that mean so much to me in the sacred music I create, is my passion--and that is why my homepage shows the cover from my first CD, "My Savior, My Lord, My King."  I hope you can benefit from all of the different styles of music which I love and share!

Thank you for your support, as I continue writing and sharing this music, in the time I have available in my primary roles as a wife and a mother also.  I write music from the heart, to fully share messages of truth and the experiences that have spawned that learning and testimony.  I am grateful for the talents I have received to fully clothe these truths in the matchless symbols of music.

I appreciate your interest, support, and offerings.  They keep me going!  I couldn't do this without you.  I couldn't do this without Him!  Together we will share, inspire, uplift, teach, and testify of Him and of all good things which surround us!  Let's bring these wonderful things to the world! 

Christine :)