Welcome to Music Lessons With Christine Monson

Individualized, Flexible, and Affordable

Piano, and Voice, Jazz Improv, Theory and Composition

All ages, beginning to advanced (Remember that adults love to start or continue music instruction also!)

Offering Skype lessons or in-person lessons in Bountiful, Utah (FREE 30-minute consultation available

What is individualized study? And why study with Christine?  

My philosophy:  Music is a very personal endeavor, something we engage in based on personal interests, circumstances, personalities, and abilities.  I believe music instruction should be the same, where the individual is paramount, as the teacher uses solid understanding in technique, literature, and theory  to tailor instruction that will help the individual to develop and express herself or himself musically as fully as desired, and even beyond. 

I do such, building on my experience and knowledge that includes a bachelor’s degree in piano and graduate work in Musicology, extensive experience in teaching piano and voice,  years of professional work as an accompanist, membership in the Utah Music Teachers Association (UMTA), and abilities in composing and arranging that I have used to write and record countless works that are continually being released  on my website at ChristineMonsonMusic.com, as well as other sites and stations.  

A variety of enrichment opportunities for instruction are available, such as monthly group classes, semi-annual recitals, the AIM programed sponsored by the UMTA, various local competitions, and summer camps.  Developing a well-rounded musician, depending on individual abilities and needs, who can continue to enrich their own lives and maybe even others after their music lessons have ended, should be a product of quality instruction and is one of my greatest goals.

I believe that music making and therefore instruction should be enjoyable and even fun. Over-arching everything, though,  is the ultimate end of music—to express oneself and communicate with others through music in a way that is fulfilling and authentic. No matter what other incredible benefits are gained along the way from quality music instruction, that is my greatest hope for my students as they grow in music.    

My teaching and payment options: Because you and your family are so individual, we offer Flexible Scheduling and Rates tailored to fit your individual needs, desires, and circumstances.  Contact me for information on different options that will best meet your needs!