Check out these links to selected sheet music & accompanying mp3s at the two websites below:



You may download the music for free at the first website (more will be added as I get them further along in their notation). If the music brings value for you, I welcome you purchasing the music if you can through the link above at (the ones which are available so far, that is), so I can share this music more widely, powerfully, and easily.

Much of this music above may also be found here at this website, but it may be more updated at two websites above (lots of sites to keep up with, and it all gets ahead of me when I'm trying to keep up with my life as well!).

Currently these are the only bits of sheet music I have "published" or shared online.  I do get requests to find more of the arrangements and compositions you may hear on the website, and will get to them when I can (as I'm also working part-time in accounting and taking care of my family and home has to come first).  But I do take note of which pieces have touched individuals and will work to get those available to them and others as time allow.  Many of these pieces are in various states of completion for others to use.  Being a pianist who improvises in my sleep requires a lot of focus to actually notate pieces for someone else to viably use.  Be patient with me and the process!  Some life, some day, they will come!  In the meantime, keep requesting and keep asking!  And you can read a little more about the music and the process below. 


About the piano music:

You'll find Sheet Music PDFs and mp3s for listening and download here at this website (and through the other two links above).  There are sacred piano solo recordings, contained on a CD I released entitled "My Savior, My Lord, My King," along with the Sheet Music PDFs for many of these piano works, available for free download (the most updated will be found at the or links above).  More are coming all the time as I have time to finish them.

In the words of an audio engineer I once worked with, most of these piano works "scream to be orchestrated" -- but as orchestrating them with live musicians could cost 1/4 of the cost of a house(!), and paying someone to digitally orchestrate might cost 1/8 of a house, and it might be a long while before I can get to digitally orchestrating them myself, piano will have to do for now.

Plus, I love trying to make the piano sound like an orchestra, and I hope that comes through as you listen, and that you can enjoy working to do the same as you play this sheet music.  Hopefully I can create some simplified versions of these piano works in the near future that will enable anyone to work to sound like an "orchestral piano!"  The piano really is an amazingly versatile instrument!  Enjoy!


About the Vocal Music:

You'll also find many hymns and songs in vocal versions (more Sheet Music PDFs and mp3s are coming all of the time), along with several songs I have written and composed on subjects ranging from Christ's ministry and Atonement, which touch on receiving strength in our trials through Him and being healed from our infirmities by His power, to the miracles, beauties, and events of the restored Gospel.  

Although most of the vocal works have been sung by me on this website (with the exception of a few sung by my sister, Amy Alvord, who has an absolutely amazing golden voice), I am not first and foremost a singer, nor am I an audio engineer that knows how to turn vocal recordings into something magical I include the mp3 recordings here for download so that you may hear how they sound, not as a demonstration of my incredible singing voice (so don't judge them too harshly).  I hope to have Amy and others do these for some really great compilation recordings sometime in the future for voice, but for now, what I have available (my voice!) will have to do.


About the choir music (and Glenn Rawson Stories):

You'll also find choir versions (more coming all of the time) of all of this music, along with easier piano versions of all of the above that will be added as time allows (since being a wife and a mother come first!).   

And you'll find the music I have provided for several Glenn Rawson Stories that Carl Watkins has produced for broadcast on his Sounds Of Sunday radio program (click here for those!). 

I would love to be able to modify keys, configurations, or make the music easier on demand--whatever I can do to make things more usable for you.  However, my time is limited, and there's a gigantic list of music tasks waiting to be done.  But if it's a big enough reason, I might consider moving a request up the line.  Go ahead and ask! 

I'm very open to COLLABORATIONS and


I'm always looking for poets, lyricists, instrumentalists, producers and singers to come together with to create new works, both sacred and secular, to share truth, bring joy, light, and fun to the world, and provide a great creative outlet.  Contact me!