Glenn Rawson Stories Music-only soundtracks

Christine Monson, pianist and arranger

Soundtracks to Glenn Rawson Stories. To hear the music with the narration, please click on Glenn Rawson Stories with Music above. May be included in a future CD of piano music entitled Reflections of Christ and the Miracle of His Restored Gospel.

Glenn Rawson Stories is a feature produced by Carl Watkins in conjunction with the Sounds of Sunday radio program airing on many Intermountain radio stations. In February 2016, I contacted Carl with some of my music and was asked by him if I wanted to provide some "beds," or a narration soundtrack, for some of Glenn Rawson's stories. I produced four initially, and then have continued to produce more as time allows. The music is included here below. To hear the narration and music, click above on the Glenn Rawson Stories Narrations and Music album.

There may be sheet music available soon, so keep checking, and supporting. The less I have to worry about getting a real job to supplement our income (and make up for the time I put in), the more time I can put into writing, recording, and sharing this music. Someday I may get around to becoming proficient in orchestrating them, but for now they may become the catalyst for a new CD called "Reflections of Christ and the Miracle of His Restored Gospel." Look for that later this year possibly, but please enjoy these now.

There is a great spirit of consecration involved with Carl Watkins and Glenn Rawson, and I'm grateful to be involved in their work. You may find information about each of them and their efforts at the following websites:,, and both of their Facebook pages. To donate to any of our ventures, please check our websites out (including my donation campaign here) to help us continued this consecrated effort. Thank you!

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