Three summers ago, in 2013, I attended a Relief Society meeting where we heard a bishop (leader of a congregation called a ward) of another ward in our area speak about life, relationships, spirituality, and perseverance through trials, coming from his perspective as a counselor/therapist.   I took many notes the whole time, but as he was closing, almost in passing as he remembered this saying of his, he gave us this quote--"Everything is already all right," meaning, in my interpretation, because of Jesus Christ and His mission to atone for our sins and succor us in our weaknesses, infirmities, and trials by the things he experienced, everything in our lives, the heartaches, the unfulfilled expectations, the struggles, the imperfections we had, would all be made right in Him--and because of that, we didn't have to worry that it couldn't be made right, as long as we had faith in His power to make it, to make us, all right.  I quickly wrote it down, thinking, that's a really cool thought.  Three months later, in preparing for a program, I was going through my notebook for ideas for songs I was in the process of writing, and came upon this quote that I had forgotten about, and immediately thought, "That is a song!" And so, over the next days, weeks, months, and even years, this song came into being, and I have finally had a chance to record it.  I'm not the greatest vocalist, and piano-only isn't necessarily the most powerful conception of this piece, but I offer it, in the spirit of this message, "Everything is already all right!" 


My heart grows heavy with the trials that throng my way,
Tasks too great, a struggling child, debts that I can’t pay.
I wonder if I’ve done it right, what He’s required of me,
With mistakes & sins that fill my path, the future seems so bleak. 
Then I hear, then I feel--
In him, everything’s already all right,
cause He’ll strengthen my best efforts in His might.
As I trust His pow’r, He’ll do what I can’t, so I’ll follow His light,
Believing that with faith in Him, everything’s already all right. 
He said to us, “Be perfect, even as I am,”
Though we have our weakness, & fight the natural man.
It’s our goal, but it doesn’t mean that we won’t make our mistakes,
Falling short, falling down, depressed by what it takes.
But I hear, and I feel,
In Him, everything’s already all right.
He’ll make strong my best efforts in His might.
That’s His plan, to make us whole, as we follow His light,
Believing that with faith in Him, everything’s already all right. 
So, Lord, I will rise again with grace each time I fall,
I know that Thou knows the path, descending below all.
I’ll keep learning and repenting, then conquering in His pow’r,
Seeing that I’m changing, growing closer every hour….
To the woman that he sees in me, One who can do all….
Through faith in Him, e’en as I am, I will heed His call.
I will not be daunted by weakness nor by fear,
Because my heart is broken, I know He’s always near…
With His grace, With his pow’r, Making….
Everything already all right,
Making whole my broken spirit with His might.
Though the world says perfect’s out of reach, it’s just too hard to be,
He can perfect make us all, as perfect as can be.
Cause in Him, everything’s already all right,
By His love, He makes us perfect in His sight.
So I’ll join with Him, live & love like Him, believe with all my might,
Giving all my thanks to Him,
Cause He’s made everything already all right.
Only in Him, everything’s already all right.