From the recording Vocal Music--Hymn Arrangements

Where Can I Turn for Peace?  asks the questions that we all have to ask at some point in our lives, through wounds, anger, malice, aching, anguish, and uncertainty.  The only answer really is, as the lyrics so profoundly attest, Jesus Christ.  He is the only source of peace that can last, no matter what outward circumstances we can be in.  This hymn is particularly meaningful to me, as I have come to truly know and experience that Christ really is the Way, the Only Way.  I love the words of Emma Lou Thayne, a good friend of my Aunt Ellie's (she even spoke at her funeral) and who passed away as I was releasing a CD which included the piano-only arrangement.  I love the music of Joleen Meredith.  The music lends itself so well to truly reflecting the depths of emotions of the lyrics in the harmonies, texture, and voicing I employ here, You can also find the piano-only arrangement below.