From the recording Vocal Music--Hymn Arrangements

"There Is a Balm in Gilead" is a beautiful spiritual about the healing power found in the Lord.  In 2012, a friend of ours, Deborah Brown, had an idea to combine this song with the hymns, "I Need Thee Every Hour," and asked me if I could arrange it for her to sing as a duet. This arrangement was the result a week later.  There are many hymns in which I combine songs/hymns, and I Need Thee Every Hour is a hymn that I combine with another song in 3 of them.  It naturally lends itself musically to being combined with other songs and hymns, but more importantly, fittingly the meaning of the lyrics, that we truly need me every moment of our lives in all that we do, would be something that permeates our entire life, and consequently, all of our music also.  After almost 6 years I've got a semi-decent recording of this that I feel to share now.