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I Stand All Amazed--vocal by Amy Alvord

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A most personal and heartfelt sentiment, as the despair we feel as we contemplate our state turns to joy and humble and gratitude as we realize His Atonement, even Jesus Christ, was for us.  It is wonderful, that He would care for me enough to die for me. 
This is a recording of my sister with a very beautiful golden voice, Amy Alvord, that we made hear in my home studio. The setup isn't the greatest, nor am I an expert audio engineer, but hopefully the music comes across nonetheless.  Thank you for listening! 

You can purchase the sheet music here at Sheet Music Plus for your own desires to share this testimony and perform this music. In the process you help us increase the power and reach of this testimony of Christ and this music.
Vocal sheet music:

This arrangement is also available here at SheetMusicPlus for solo piano:

I hope you can feel His love also through this music and testimony.