From the recording Vocal Music--Hymn Arrangements

A song I wrote about the parallel but paradoxical roles the Savior provides for us as both our Shepherd who guides and provides for us through our struggles and the Lamb of God who is sacrificed for our sin, our Savior who gives us succor, having walked our path, our King who will lead us, as we help Him by serving and feeding all the lambs and sheep of His fold, back with Him into the presence of our presence of our Heavenly Father, to live eternally with them and all the children of His fold. The strains of The Lord Is My Shepherd are heard throughout this song, coming with full force to accompany the last verse. Someday Amy, my sister who is the singer here, and I will do an ultra-professional orchestrated recording of this, but for now, we are content with what we can offer to you as our testimony of Christ.