Prayers for Music

From a Facebook post:

Remember a couple of months ago when I was doing Glenn Rawson Stories for Carl Watkins and the Sounds of Sunday program? Got possibly a little burnt out doing those four weeks in a row, and we both needed a little break (four+ hours a week, in addition to the other things I'm doing, in life, and in music).

Thankfully a couple weeks ago Carl contacted me with a new one, The Miracle of Translation. And now, you can listen to them all, all 5 that I have done, narration and all, here at this link at my website,, and you can download the piano-only music mp3, for free. I believe you can download the narration and music at Glenn's or Carl's website, but I've yet to figure out how to search and do that. So at least you can listen here.

And remember last week when I said I now had sheet music PDFs available, for purchase? Well, last week I completed the leap and just decided I am going to offer everything electronic for free--PDFs, MP3s, it's all available FOR FREE! It will also be available at in the coming weeks.

Lots of reasons for the free part--it's always been hard to decide to sell sacred music sheet music. Instead I've wanted to just live the spirit of consecration and treat it as a calling. That, combined with the fact that there is no market for LDS sacred sheet music anyway now, with the digital download age (and believe me, I've tried to find it), and that expanding it beyond the LDS music market requires a lot of work and emotion that I just don't have in me (believe me, it was spent a long time ago), makes it so much simpler just to say, "Here it is, use it, download it, share it--I pray that it will bless your life and help you serve and share the Gospel with others."

SO PLEASE, use it as you need. I don't get any notifications as to who downloads it, so I just hope it is done, even by those I know. The more free I feel from having to make supplemental income (you know the feeling, moms, right?), the more I can devote to writing the rest of this music, and creating new things to record and share. In that spirit, if you feel like you can't just take this for free, and you want to contribute something, I do welcome donations through GoFundMe at my website--even a dollar or two.

If I ever get a ton of money, time, and interest from others who can help at just the right time in the right way (without me having to pay them for helping), I'll also re-record this music. Right now, it's just me on these vocal recordings on my website. It's OK, but not great--it does give you an idea, though. Perhaps someday I'll get a lot above what we need for supplemental income to make a really great recording with a professional, and make it worth the time and interest of others to record these. For now, it's just me, cause I have to do it, cause I don't sleep without doing it (you heard of the Spirit of Elijah keeping people awake at night? Well, the Spirit of Christ in this music honestly keeps me awake at night!).

SO DOWNLOAD the mp3s as you like, piano and voice. Selling the piano sheet music or mp3s just isn't a viable option for making any supplemental income, let alone what it takes to put this music out there on a monthly basis (which is the equivalent of a child's music lesson each month for us). At one time I thought it might be, or eventually might be, but the emotional toll it takes on me putting it out there and waiting and wondering if it will be downloaded, $1 or $2 at a time, to help compensate us, and worrying about whether those who buy it will think its not too much money and that it's worth it, just is too much for my little old psyche. Physical CDs might come again, but I might instead ask for donations instead of selling--but it might have to wait awhile till my faith for taking these hours to write and record music instead of working turns to our good so we have something physical to offer, from a position of an overflowing cup of money to make physical CDs (just in case donations don't come).

So, IF YOU USE or ENJOY THIS MUSIC, if you might perhaps offer a couple of prayers for me, and my family, that we can have the supplemental income that we need (cause retirement is coming, and the kids might still want to develop their own talents also) that I can't make because my hours have been spent instead writing music (and, yes, I've tried to find work in this year of kids being in school full-time, and it just didn't work out--had to put my hands in the air and say, OK, I'll write music!). And that somehow those consecrated hours and efforts will be turned to our good, even though we aren't choosing to sell this music (which, yes, I've tried).... so that I can continue to write, and record this music, and I can have those people available, to sing, to support, to video, to make sharing this music possible. So that many can be blessed.

Cause it's still a very scary leap, that I worry every day about, how it will all work out, when there's no obvious assistance coming. And though that day of reckoning is afar off, with a lot of life to be experienced, it is still a constant thought, as to what I should be doing today. I trust the way will be provided before that day comes, as it always has. But a few prayers, especially from those who use and enjoy this music, will help, I know.

Thank you again for your support! It means more than you know (and so does the opposite). Love to all! We're in this together.


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