My Savior, My Lord, My King

Christine K. Monson

Hymns arranged as you've never heard before, adapted for solo piano in testimony of Jesus Christ & His Atonement, mission, & example. To download individual tracks from CDBaby, click here:

A poignantly powerful collection of hymns in testimony of Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel, arranged and performed on piano by Christine Monson. With the intimacy of the voice and the impact of an orchestra, these arrangements crafted and played with the highest artistry and sophistication capture perfectly the message, story, spirit, and beauty of both lyrics and music, moving the listener through quiet meditation, epic storytelling, and magnificent expression. A heartfelt and refined testimony and performance by Christine that will linger long after hearing!
These arrangements come from the heart, and are the heart of the Gospel, the heart of my testimony, and the heart of what Jesus Christ and His life are. My hope is that you feel the power and spirit of this music and messages.

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